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Nov 19, 2009 3:00pm EST
is the big drag on bank of america merrill lynch call. take a look, really ruffled the chips today. basically the outlook for demand for inventory they say is going to get weak here looking out into the fourth quarter and into next year. so that's their call. and that's what's really brought down the tech today. if we can take a look at our board of the stocks that are bucking the trend today. netapp is one of them after posting better than expected earnings. it is too the upside. one of the few within the nasdaq 100. directv turning positive this afternoon as liberty media shareholders approve a reorganization that's going to give it more autonomy. let's move on down to the nymex now and sharon epperson. >> bertha, it looks like risk appetite has subsided a bit today at least when it comes to investors being interested in energy in the commodities complex. oil prices fell nearly $2 today. the december contract below $78 a barrel. january right around $78 a barrel. keep in mind we are going to have the exploration of the december futures contract tomorrow. so january is where most of the volu
Nov 30, 2009 3:00pm EST
stocks on the new york stock exchange today led by citigroup, bank of america and ge. to pursue the life you want, you need a financial advocate who knows where you want to go. a merrill lynch financial advisor, now with access to the resources of bank of america, can help you diversify, rebalance, imagine, and believe. boss: ah! thank gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico.. gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen t
Nov 30, 2009 4:00pm EST
moving toward more freedom. china, india, countries around the world, in latin america. as we move toward more freedom, i think over the long run, emerging markets, not only have been good investments over the past decade, or 15 years, but i think probably will be over the next 10, 15, or 20. you just have to be disciplined when you do it. >> right. and i think so you need professional help. i don't think this is the type of thing to plan on your own. you can if you want to be more of a speculator or market timer. really pay attention to this stuff. you can't just kind of -- i don't think you can take any particular country and say 20 years from now it will be better than it is now. >> i'm glad you got at least one disagreement in there. it does my heart good. it is the holidays. >>> black friday is traditionally the super bowl for brick and mortar retailers. find out which e-tailers will be the big winners towards online shopping. ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don'
Nov 24, 2009 4:00pm EST
, was down about 70 at one of its worst levels. j.p. morgan down 2%, bank of america and citi under pressure. health care and telecom two of the bright spots. another data heavy day tomorrow. there is the bell and the "closing bell" continues in just a second. [ bell ringing ] >>> it is 4:00 p.m. on wall street. do you know where your money is? i'm sue herrera in for maria bartiromo who is on assignment in singapore. here is what we are following at the close. stocks struggling on wall street, way down by disappointing readings on third quarter gdp but significantly off the lows of the day. the federal reserve releasing minutes from the latest meeting and the central bank raised gdp growth forecast for next year and trimmed unemployment outlook. >>> gm's deal to sell saab falling through. we look at what that means for saab and gm's future. here is how we are finishing the day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average down 16.5 points at 10,434, the s&p down half a point, briefly peaked in the positive 1105, the nasdaq is down 1/3 of a percent at 2169. back down to scott. our eye on t
Nov 20, 2009 3:00pm EST
the nasdaq lower, that was bank of america, merrill lynch downgrading a number of chip stocks. the bleeding continues in the semiconductor index there. look at some of the internal names within the index. we're looking at intel. again, big loser yesterday. was down 3.5% to 4% yesterday. getting back another two-thirds of 1% today. however, let's end on a high note here. let's talk about zoomies. lots of talk about retail sales. teens, maybe a little younger than that, how these companies are doing as we approach the holidays. zumiez gave a good outlook from a margin standpoint. that stock off to the races today. up better than 10%. let's go to sharon at the nymex. >> we can blame the dollar for the losses we saw today in the oil complex. we are looking at december futures that are under $77 a barrel. they have expired now. january is the front month. it is below $78 a barrel. but the one part of the complex that got a bit of a bid today is the gasoline market. and that was because of the valero closing one of the large plants on the east coast in delaware city. a 210-know-barrel-per-day cit
Nov 23, 2009 4:00pm EST
, down nearly 9%. merrill lynch bank of america raised earnings expectations through 2010. the analysts telling clients that amazon should continue to benefit this holiday season from the shift toward online shopping. amazon shares up 2.5% tonight. >>> deere upgraded by morgan stanley, to 64, up from 48, citing higher corn prices and improving demand for farm equipment in the united states. >>> retailers in the home stretch, leading up to black friday, the day after thanksgiving in the u.s. a critical day for the industry right now. and certainly a critical time across the board. jane wells is in los angeles right now with more on the company's gearing up and how they are gearing up for the potential of a holiday price war. jane? >> reporter: yeah, they're calling it store wars. the group says only 12% of shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping next weekend. they said most plan to wait. that hasn't stopped retailers from doing everything to get you into stores now. e-mailing directly to consumers. best buy promoting a camcorder for 150 bucks. a 32-inch samsung tv for under $400. a
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
's really been the right way to be. >> specifically where would you go, david? >> microsoft, bank of america, schlumberger, and johnson & johns johnson. picking up on the technology theme you just mentioned, the johnson & johnson is a global health care enterprise. the market is up 21%. j & j is up 4% on the year. we think those a globally positioned defensively-styled name with a nice yield. bank of america, we could see them earning $27 billion after tax in two years divide by 9 billion shares, $3 a share times a ten multiple gives you a $30 stock price. and schlumberger, our friends in venezuela, dubai, they can't touch their oil without the schlumbergers of this world. >>> it's black friday, the super bowl for retailers, but are could be s consumers showing up in full force? julia boorstin is at the best buy in los angeles with some answers. julia, it feels like you have been standing there forever. >> reporter: simon, i have to say we have been here for many hours, and so have all of these shoppers. it really does seem like they're turning out in force and the national retail federation
Nov 19, 2009 4:00pm EST
. most of them down 3% to 4%. bank of america, merrill lynch cut their growth forecast for that whole group. that is down. big ipo pricing in the coal industry tonight. energy a hot topic right now. going to be cloud peak energy. we don't know what the price is going to be right now. the price later tonight. third largest u.s. coal producer, 30.6 million shares, $16 to $18. the quote of the day, michelle, i think you would agree, sir, i agree with nothing that you just said. boy, was that thrown around on the trading desk here, mr. geithner calling for one of the congressmen saying he should resign. >> congressman brady. he was on the defensive we have not seen him yet. >> i thought he took the offensive quite well. >> yeah, he did. thank you, bob. >>> jim goldman is standing by with the dell numbers. what have we got here, jim? >> this is a pretty disappointing report, no question about it. when you look at these numbers, the company, the headline number you were talking about, michelle, of 17 cents, this doesn't include several different things here. the earnings per share includes
Nov 23, 2009 3:00pm EST
's why the stock is having a good day, up just about 7% there. merrill lynch bank of america raising earnings estimates on avon products and hiking the price target on the stock because of the weaker dollar should help overseas sales. diedrich coffee sales soaring at $65 million, or $32 a share. up from its original bid. it tops the green mountain bid of $30. maria, hope you're drinking a lot of coffee to stay away over there? >> it's certainly early. retailers are waiting until friday to pull out the big stops to lure customers. many stores have already begun offering big promotions and discounts to boost sales. but will it pay off? what are we expecting out of the upcoming holiday season. we get the thoughts of doug hart, consumer practice partner at bdo, and tom stenberg of the highland consumer fund. thanks for joining us, gentlemen. >> thanks for having us. >> tom, let me kick this off with you. as you gauge the retail landscape, what does it look like right now when you break down discounters, upscale, online? who's going to win this holiday season from your standpoint? >> i th
Nov 24, 2009 3:00pm EST
of america giving a little back. j.p. morgan is down 2%. health care and telecom are two of the best performing sectors. for the second straight day health care is counterintuitive for what you may think over the weekend. the health care reform debate the moving to the senate floor. telecoms, again, following through on yesterday's momentum, verizon and at&t up. earnings movers to talk about. food companies out with reports. hormel is up. giving a little bit back. hj heinz and medtronic movers to the upside. the stock is up 6%. retailers to talk about. positive news, american eagle, dsw and j. crew. j. crew will report after the closing bell. positive momentum ahead of that earnings report. a lift of 0.5%. hewlett packards out after the bell yesterday. they said the economy does remain challenging. our team is covering the markets here in new york and in chicago. we begin with bertha coombs at the nasdaq. >> that hewlett packard forecast, they weren't that rosy, sales were soft has weighed on technology. we are off on the lows of the session. we are close to the highs. down five poin
Nov 25, 2009 3:00pm EST
in america deciding he's going to buy a railroad, and that's the next big investment he can make, do you think we should be preparing ourselves for value and for dividend plays in a low growth -- do you know what i mean? do you think the environment is changing, joe? >> i think there's a real bet by mr. buffett on the long-term growth in the economy. i don't think it says anything about the next two to three years. i think it's a focus out 10, 15, 20 years that we will continue to grow and prosper in the united states. >> what's interesting between the two of you is that you have very different areas that you've stock picked through. joe, you're more confirmed on the telecom. can you go from there? >> sure thing, simon. we're really focused on the highest quality companies. so we'll forgo some really high dividend yields in order to make sure that the payment of the dividend is really safe and secure. like in the sections, we like pepsi. traditionally you would have bought around 2%. we like master limited partnerships, the pipeline arena of the united states. they're a company like ente
Nov 25, 2009 4:00pm EST
ready to declare your independence? td ameritrade. independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> i'm scott cohn in the cnbc news room. hank greenberg and aig have apparently agreed to bury the hatchet. hank reberg, the former ceo and chairman of aig. the companies have settled -- the company, that is, has siltd all its disputes. all claims are set aside between greenberg, star international, his company as well as the former chief financial officer howard smith. the company aig will agree to pay up to $150 million in legal fees, and apparently hank greenberg now apparently may be willing to help aig get out of the mess they're in. he says that he looks forward to working with the aig board. and trying to preserve and restore as much value as possible for all of aig's shareholders, stakeholders, that is. aig and hank greenberg burying the hatchet. >>. >>> retailers are putting the final touches on their plans for black friday. jane wells is joining us right
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12